Nexeon moves to new facilities

Nexeon, the leading developer of next generation Li-ion batteries based on silicon anodes, has relocated to purpose-built facilities in Oxfordshire.  Located at Milton Park, the new facilities will allow Nexeon to accelerate the rate of technology development. The Company now has the ability to produce greater quantities of material for sampling to the global corporations interested in the new technology.  More efficient dryrooms and heat recovery systems reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

Nexeon is a leader in the development of Li-ion batteries that use silicon in place of carbon as the anode material, resulting in higher energy density and longer operating time between charges. Applications requiring higher rechargeable battery performance include many consumer products including mobile phones and laptop computers, and on a larger scale, electric vehicles.

“We’re delighted with our new home”, says Ian McDonald, Director of Engineering and Operations at Nexeon, who masterminded the operation. “It represents an important milestone in our development which began at Imperial College London.  We have a much more efficient layout, and now have room for further expansion.”

Nexeon has recently achieved several important technical milestones, including the completion of 500 full charge / discharge cycles without significant fade being observed.

“We continue to make strong technical progress against our technical milestones”, commented Dr Bill Macklin, CTO of Nexeon.  “We expect to make even faster progress now we have taken delivery of our second pilot plant and have completed our move to our new facilities.”