MEAs signed with major international companies

Nexeon has announced the signing of material evaluation agreements (MEAs) with major corporations interested in its technology. The names of the companies have not been disclosed at this time, but Nexeon has said that the companies involved are well known battery and automotive companies.

These agreements, which are revenue earning for Nexeon, involve the sampling of specially prepared silicon materials and data from Nexeon’s manufacturing pilot line in Oxfordshire. The ‘Gen-1’ materials have proved to be highly reproducible in Nexeon’s own testing.

These initial MEAs are likely to be followed by more such agreements now in the pipeline, and represent a strong expression of interest for silicon anode Li-ion batteries. The higher energy density and longer lifetimes of these batteries will provide longer operating times between charges, brighter screens for laptops and smart phones and facilitate the development of electric vehicles with increased driving range and lower weight.

Silicon provides far higher performance than current carbon materials as an anode material, offering lithium storage capacity around ten times that of carbon by weight.

We have seen tremendous interest in our progress towards high performance batteries based on our anode technology“, says Dr Scott Brown, CEO of Nexeon. “Further commercial progress is expected in the near future.

Nexeon recently announced the achievement of another important milestone when its cells successfully completed 500 full charge / discharge cycles at 1200mAh/g for the anode without significant capacity fade being observed.