Imperial Innovations and Nexeon

Nexeon® was founded by Imperial Innovations as a result of work done by Professor Mino Green, Emeritus Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London.

Imperial Innovations builds and invests in healthcare and technology companies, providing a range of support including experienced management teams, long-term financial backing and incubation of new investment opportunities. In January 2011 Imperial Innovations raised £140 million enabling it to increase its investment capacity in the most promising opportunities within its portfolio of spin-out companies associated with Imperial College London including Nexeon. At the same time the new funds have enabled the Company to broaden the scope of its investments to include opportunities arising from intellectual property developed at or associated with the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and University College London through its collaborations with Cambridge Enterprise Limited, Oxford Spin-out Equity Management, and UCL Business Plc. These universities are the top four research intensive universities by publication and citation in Europe.

Nexeon is one of Imperial Innovations’ most advanced assets. Imperial Innovations to date has invested a total of £22.4 million in Nexeon; The major investment rounds being £1.95 million in July 2007 as part of a £4.25 million fund raising, followed by £4 million in February 2009 as part of a £10 million fund raising led by Imperial Innovations and most recently in August 2011 £15 million when Imperial Innovations led a Series C investment round of £40 million.

Dr Paul Atherton is both Chairman of the Nexeon board and a non-executive director of Imperial Innovations.